Keeth Mission

The mission of Allan F. Keeth Elementary School is to maximize the individual potential of each student by providing a safe, nurturing environment that facilitates love for learning and respect for self and others. Through the utilization of technology and open communication between school, family, and community, we will promote responsible decision making that will prepare students to be productive citizens in a changing world.

Student Registration

Click here to download the Student Entry Form!  Please print out, fill in, and return to Keeth.

Please register early to help us plan for the upcoming year.


 In order to register we need the following documents:

- Child’s Original birth certificate.


- Child’s Social Security card.


We also need three (3) original forms of  proof of residency which include:

1) a warranty deed, homestead exemption or a lease agreement


2) a current utility bill


3) and also one of the following: Driver’s license, auto registration or voter’s registration. (All items must have current address listed.)  Please remember:  We need the ORIGINAL items for proof of residency and we will make copies.


 If applicable, any legal documents such as judgment of divorce or other court order establishing the right of custody will also be required for registration.


If you have your child’s immunization & physical ready you can bring that to registration or drop it off at the school as soon as possible (your child cannot start school without them.)

- DH 680 State of Florida Immunization form

- Current Physical (dated & signed by a doctor within the last year.)

If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Kalicki in Guidance at (407) 320-5354. 


**If you are interested in touring the school, please contact the Guidance Department: Mrs. Kalicki (407) 320-5354 or Mrs. Arbuckle (407) 320-5303.